Clementine, a mixed media artist with global influences, will be featured in a solo exhibition this August in the Hamptons at Quogue Gallery. The series, titled “Selfless in a Selfie World,” aims to raise the consciousness of society by juxtaposing our social media obsessed culture with humanitarian needs in remote areas of the world.

The artist paints plexiglass overlays titled “art filters” that symbolize the ego-centrism and distorted prioritization that digital platforms induce. Art filter paintings are emblematic of social media: a selfie pucker, pills pointing to its nature of process addiction, or a crown symbolizing the media’s fixation with tabloid topics.

Art filter paintings are layered onto base paintings, created from photography Clementine shoots in third world regions far removed from the handheld absorption we face. Remote villages are often challenged with critical issues and in need of aid in many ways; Clementine utilizes art as a channel for support through awareness. Incorporating such photography into paintings lends an opportunity for viewers to have sight into the unseen. The act of looking past the “filter” and at others in the world without a voice (as readily available through technology for those in developed nations) is the essence of her series. A shift ultimately takes place through viewing art, one of looking beyond the self.

“Selfless in a Selfie World” was created from an essential message needed now more than ever. The artwork sheds light on how social platforms have a lost cause in connectivity. Instead, self-absorption has been the result and true human connection, depth and compassion are missing. Clementine emphasizes a sense of oneness in humanity and this series serves to add profundity, relinking missing ties and exposing dual social needs - not only of those photographed, but of those viewing the art.

How can first world priorities be reoriented? The artist shares: “Through a realization that our being does not shine through identification with form (possessions or associations) flaunted in apps such as Instagram, but rather through a heightened awareness of our shared oneness with the world. With this, comes come a sense of social responsibility, utilizing social media as pathways for change, and letting go of an attachment to scrolling or posting on your phone.”

About the Gallery:

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